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There is additional information related to the Metatones technology in booklet form that is available upon request.  Simply email support@metatones.com and communicate which booklets you would like to receive along with your mailing address and we will forward the booklets to you.

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39 page booklet - This introductory booklet contains all of the information on our internet site in addition to the following:

- Metatones Illustration ­ Program Levels and the Affected Chakras

- Illustration & Discussion ­ Meridian & Acupuncture Points within the Human Ear

- Metatones Sessions and the Techniques for Use of the Technology

- General Effects During & Subsequent to Metatones Sessions

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15 page booklet - This booklet communicates the step by step operations of the Metatones audio software. This information demonstrates how easy the Metatones therapy is to use. This booklet contains the Frequency of Use Guidelines for all people who purchase the Metatones technology.

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21 page booklet - This booklet communicates in detail how the Metatones therapy operates inclusive of the new discoveries incorporated into Metatones.  The table of contents is as follows:

- Introduction

- Vibratory Communication Network of the Physical Human Body

- Chakras

- Tapping into the Zero Point Field of Energy and Information

- Obtaining Information from the Zero Point Field

- Hemispheric Synchronization

- Death of the Physical Body

- Conclusion

- Summary of the Metatones Theory

Anyone who reads this document will obtain an understanding of the mathematically based vibratory formulas within the Metatones technology. We also spell out why Metatones represent a doorway to tapping into the unlimited resources of the Zero Point Field and the maximization of our human potential.

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Michael Dybicz (owner of Metatron) has been providing readings based on the Human Design System of behavioral genetics for over 10 years. If you are interested in learning about the benefits of living consistent with your natural behavioral patterns, please contact Michael@metatones.com or 970-726-6210. The readings last approximately one hour and can be provided remotely via the telephone. All HDS readings are taped for future reference.

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This is a 50 page booklet that provides an introduction to remembering prior lives. Professional organizations, whose membership offers both past life and life between life sessions, are also disclosed within. The last portion of this booklet describes a technique to remember prior lives without the assistance of a trained past life therapist, referred to as "self-regression".

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This is a controversial and yet inspirational book — a provocative comparison of the teachings of Jesus to traditional Christianity, with an emphasis on the afterlife. Through a re-evaluation of the ancient records, Christianity's afterlife alternative of heaven or hell is exposed as a contradiction to the teachings of Jesus. The book documents how the early Christian movement altered the teachings of Jesus into a convoluted mix of some of His authentic teachings and Roman-Greco based mythology.

     People that recognize Jesus as an enlightened teacher but either question or reject the traditional Christian model of Jesus (as the mythological Son of God) will welcome the new insights into the advanced teachings of Jesus. He did not start a new religion. He taught an enlightened lifestyle based on universal principles, which included the Golden Rule and the karmic law of cause and effect (“ As you sow so shall you reap ”). The Enlightened One also taught His inner circle that we evolve gradually via reincarnation and the many benefits of remembering our prior lives (consistent with contemporary past life regression). Because our biggest challenges often originate with unresolved prior life events, Jesus taught that remembering our prior lives provide a shortcut to understanding and resolving our most agonizing problems.

     While providing new information on the advanced teachings of the Enlightened Jesus, this book dispels many of the primitive beliefs that have been projected onto Him. Rather than the mythological Son of God, Jesus is elevated to the status of a truly enlightened being. His goal was to teach us a model lifestyle based on a highly evolved blend of science and spirituality, which is aimed at accelerating the pace of human evolution. To evolve into an enlightened state, Jesus encouraged humanity to follow the lifestyle model (scientific spirituality) that He communicated.

     The Christian establishment will allege that Jesus vs Christianity taints their most sacred beliefs. I respectfully submit that they have their facts backwards. It is the Christian establishment that has distorted the life and teachings of Jesus for two millennia by perpetuating their Son of God mythology. A new Jesus era of re-evaluation, insight and disclosure is upon us. It is only now in the 21st century that humanity can comprehend, disseminate and benefit from the model lifestyle that Jesus taught 2,000 years ago. The goal of this book is to play some small role in this ongoing process. See www.JesusvsC.com for more details.

                                                                     Michael Dybicz
                                                                     December 2011


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